Web Enabled Ground Water Recharge Estimation Model

The utility of a Web Enabled-Groundwater Recharge Estimation Model, named as WE-GREM bring all the groundwater recharge related information to the groundwater professionals in a simple way. Groundwater in India is a critical resource. However, an increasing number of aquifers are reaching unsustainable levels of exploitation WEGREM aims to take the data related to groundwater as input and generate results from processing and present them to the users so they may get benefit from it.
The various levels at which such information will come into use can be:
• The common man can also have an overview of the groundwater recharge estimation model and can actually know what are the requirement and how it is calculated.
• Groundwater professionals can use it as a tool to analyse the situations and can take decision for the field improvements. It may also come in as an aid in resolving important issues related with groundwater management.
WEGREM, represents a process based time varying semi-analytical groundwater recharge rate and depth of water estimate model from/in a recharge basin of varying size and shape. The model is based on the water balance of the recharge basin, and the physical processes considered are: runoff estimation from the basin catchment using SCS-CN model; water surface evaporation from the basin using option of three methods, PAN Evaporation, Mass Transfer and Pristely-Taylor and Penman Combination method. The groundwater recharge component estimation is based on the Hantush’s (1967) approximate analytical equation for the rise of water table in a homogeneous and isotropic unconfined aquifer of infinite areal extentdue to uniform percolation of water from a spreading basin in absence of a pumping well.