S. No. Title Details
1 Advances in Environmental Monitoring and Modelling (Online Journal) Details
2 Advances in Geosciences (Online Journal) Details
3 Advances in Water Resources (Journal) Details
4 Agricultural Water Management (Journal) Details
5 Arabian Journal of Geosciences Details
6 Current Science Journal (India) Details
7 e-Journal of Land and Water Details
8 E-WAter Electronic Journal Details
9 Earth & Planetary Sciences Backfiles Details
10 Earth Science India (Journal) Details
11 Environmental Geology (Journal) Details
12 Environmental Management (Journal) Details
13 Environmental Modelling & Software (Journal) Details
14 Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (Journal) Details
15 Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (Journal) Details
16 Geophysical Journal International Details
17 Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Journal) Details
18 Ground Water Monitoring & Remediation (Journal) Details
19 Hydrogeology Journal
20 Hydrological Processes (Journal) Details
21 Hydrological Sciences Journal Details
22 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (Journal) Details
23 Hydrology and GIS Journals Details
24 Hydrology Research (Journal) Details
25 Indian Journal of Science and Technology Details
26 International Journal of Ecology & Development Details
27 International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology Details
28 International Journal of Lakes and Rivers (IJLR) Details
29 International Journal of Remote Sensing Details
30 International Journal of River Basin Management Details
31 International Journal of Soil, Sediment and Water Details
32 International Journal of Water Details
33 International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Details
34 International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Management Details
35 International Journal of Water Resources Development Details
36 Irrigation Science (Journal) Details
37 Journal of American Water Resources Association Details
38 Journal of Applied Irrigation Science Details
39 Journal of Coastal Research (online) Details
40 Journal of Contaminant Hydrology Details
41 Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology Details
42 Journal of Environmental Engineering Details
43 Journal of Environmental Hydrology Details
44 Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering (JESE) Details
45 Journal of Flood Engineering Details
46 Journal of Flood Risk Management Details
47 Journal of Ground Water Details
48 Journal of Hydraulic Engineering Details
49 Journal of Hydrologic Engineering Details
50 Journal of Hydrology Details
51 Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Details
52 Journal of Soil and Water Sciences Details
53 Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management Details
54 Journal of Spatial Hydrology Details
55 Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science Details
56 Journal of Water and Land Development Details
57 Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management Details
58 Journal of Water Science Details
59 Land Use and Water Resources Research (Journal) Details
60 Online Journal of Water Resources Development Details
61 Open Hydrology Journal Details
62 SAWAS Journal (South Asian Water Studies) Details
63 Sciences of Soils (Journal) Details
64 Soil Science Society of America Journal Details
65 Southwest Hydrology Details
66 Transport in Porous Media (Journal) Details
67 Vadose Zone Journal Details
68 Water - A Multidisciplinary Research Journal Details
69 Water Digest (India) Details
70 Water International (Journal) Details
71 Water Policy (Journal) Details
72 Water Research (Journal) Details
73 Water Resources (Journal) Details
74 Water Resources and Hydrology Journals Details
75 Water Resources Management (Journal) Details
76 Water Resources Research (Journal) Details
77 Water, Air, & Soil Pollution (Journal) Details
78 Wetlands Journal Details
79 World Rivers Review Details